Since yesterday, Mary Grace has maintained that she is now four. If I correct her, she will promptly set the record straight. “I’m four”, she continues to state in such a matter of fact way that it is hard to argue.

Anyway, the two (four?) year old had a great day yesterday. Here’s the basic gist in pictures…

The birthday girl started the morning off with some presents. Obviously, baby dolls were involved.

Since it was a celebratory occasion, I made cinnamon rolls. Mary Grace decided to be a healthy little party pooper and insisted on yogurt instead. Meanwhile, I read one of her new books: Nurse Nancy. I love vintage Little Golden Books, and I may be just a teensy bit biased toward the subject matter, so it’s a winner all around.

Next, we directed the party outside to where her “big” present from us was waiting. We scored a Little Tikes playhouse off of Craigslist, and it was a definite hit.

A really big hit. (Check out that face! What a goofball!)

Oh, okay… just one more playhouse picture.

We then spent the morning at a bounce house place in Cary. This was such a good call- the kids had a blast! (Oh and hush up people- you try to take a semi-decent picture of a kid going nuts in a bounce house!)

This was followed by lunch with Matt’s grandparents at Chickfila… a napless afternoon for Mary Grace (who was too amped up to rest I suppose)… and alas, a birthday dinner of champions: pizza and funfetti cake. (Yes, I know the icing is falling off of the side of the cake. And yes, it still tasted fabulous.)

Going for it… (yes, she is topless. when it’s birthday cake time, that’s just how we [i.e. the kids, duh] roll.)

Now that’s the look of pure bliss.