Oh, Mary Grace.  I’m not sure how it’s even possible that you’re five today.  I may or may not have looked at your daddy yesterday, completely bewildered by this whole growing-up phenomenon, and suggested that “maybe we got the dates wrong!  Maybe she was ACTUALLY born in 2010 instead of 2009 and she’s not about to turn five after all!”  Because you were JUST BORN YESTERDAY.  But alas.  The rumors are true, and you are indeed “a whole hand old!”  And you’ve made sure the world knows it.

IMG_9607 You’re such a joy, Mary Grace.  An ever-talking, always-moving, really loud (oh girl, you’re loud) joy.  Your quick wit and hilarious sense of humor fill our days with much laughter.  You have a vivid imagination and are so creative.  You love to draw and create, and even your artwork is loud and colorful and unique.  Just like you.  For the love, though- would you please just stop using our walls/furniture/carpet as your personal canvas?  K, thanks.

You, Mary Grace, are a natural born leader.  I pray that you follow hard after Christ all of your days because there’s no telling what He might do through you.IMG_9502When you grow up, you want to be a pirate.  Still.  You also want to be a bug hunter.  And a crystal miner.  I don’t know.

You love your Baby Deluga more than anything in this world… with your Mimi coming in as a close second.  Your favorite color is pink.  Your favorite books are all Judy Moody books.  You have an affinity for 90’s pop music (read: Spice Girls and Ace of Base.  no comment.)  And you still prefer to sleep on the floor whilst head-banging yourself to sleep.

IMG_9461We pray that you will always be as comfortable and confident in your own skin- in who God created you to be- as you are today.  We love you to Neverland and back, Mary Grace.  Happy fifth birthday!