Mary Grace asked for a pirate party once again this year.  Of course she did.  And because we’re another year older and wiser, we decided to keep it low-key and stuck with a few of our favorites.  Favorite kids.  Favorite parents.  Little structure.  Lots of chaos.  Fun all around.  It was perfect.

IMG_9710     IMG_9640There’s something about kid birthday parties that makes me delusional.  I’ll think, “Hey! I can be crafty! The kids can be crafty!  This will be totally fun!”  Word to the wise: everyone should have friends who, without hesitation, take over the overly messy birthday party craft table.  Sacrificial love, I’m telling you.

IMG_9641Though the joke was on us when Mary Grace was gifted this…

IMG_9652A parrot that repeats every word that comes out of her mouth.  Twice.  This thing has gone everywhere with us today.  Meaning I have heard Mary Grace’s voice in triplicate all. day. long.  Meaning I am officially taking applications for new friends.  (Love ya, Jess.)

IMG_9644Oh and there was violence.  No Allison party is complete without some violence!  Swords for everyone!



IMG_9667This picture.  These kids.  Such a reminder of God’s faithfulness.



IMG_9636Tune in next year for what I fully expect to be Pirate Party, Take Three.  At least we play the part well.