Today, after 95 well-lived years here on earth, my great-grandmother, affectionately known as “G.G.”, passed away.  She was spunky and opinionated and witty… traits that have clearly lived on for generations.  Some of my brightest childhood memories were set in the sprawling magnolia tree in the front yard of her home.  G.G. loved to travel and play bridge and she loved her husband, our sweet “Pop Hank,” with whom she was reunited in Heaven today.

As Carson prayed for our dinner tonight, he added, “and God?  Would you please take good care of G.G.?”

Oh buddy, you have no idea.  G.G.?  She’s in good hands now.  She always has been.

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  1. Oh, my sweet granddaughter! You have made my morning very special with your pictures and words as you do so well. I am so thankful that Matt can do the service which will be very simple and special to us and if those in heaven are listening they will be thrilled. Grandma

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