My grandfather mailed me this book about the Rwandan genocide this week. Although I knew the gift was coming, tears filled my eyes when I opened it. Why? The subject matter is certainly heartbreaking, but my tears were not from the book itself. No, my tears flowed out of appreciation for the love heaped upon us throughout this entire adoption process.

When we started the paperchase last year, we were acutely aware of how others might react. I knew our friends would be on board. With Brangelina, Madonna, Sanda Bullock, etc., today’s culture has identified adoption as somewhat trendy and cool. Obviously not the reason we’re adopting (need I even qualify this? hopefully not.), but whatever. At least I knew some people would have our backs.

What I was really worried about were you older folks (ha!). Because I am not naive and I completely recognize that what we are doing is completely unconventional. And to be perfectly frank about it, I grew up in a very different world than my parents and grandparents did. The civil rights movement was something I only knew from the history books. Matt and I are both from super warm, loving, Christian homes, but honestly, I wasn’t too sure how a child of another race would be viewed in our families.

But my oh my, have our families put their game faces on. Undoubtedly, our parents and grandparents (and even one great-grandmother!) have made the biggest impact on me throughout this journey. Although I’m sure some of them might have had to take a few moments (or months) to mentally process our big adoption news last year, we have been met with such enthusiasm and support. Simple things such as this book bring me to my knees in gratitude for the generosity and love toward us and our son, and I can’t help but be moved to tears.

Thank y’all. So much.

And Wyatt, we can’t wait to have you home. You are already so unbelievably loved.

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  1. I sit here with tears streaming with our love and concern for y'all. Keep up the good fight. We count you and yours among the treasures that have been laid up for us upon this earth. PawPaw with GrandMa

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