It’s that time again!!  Oh, you know- the time that comes about twice a year in which Matt takes over and grants me the precious, precious gift of a day alone to recharge.  It typically comes on the heels of me making some sort of desperately dramatic statement along the lines of “I will die if I don’t have a minute of peace and quiet,” and my subsequent 12-24 hour absence probably makes everybody’s hearts fonder.  Then, I reemerge into our normal, crazy existence and the cycle continues.  Matt and I both realize that this current pace and pattern is not sustainable and is certainly not healthy, and so I have assigned myself the task of coming up with alternative more-sustainable ways to keep mama from going ca-ra-zy.  Like maybe asking for help every now and then.  (Say whaaa?  Help?  I know, right?!)

But for now, I’m not thinking about that.  Because this time, Matt got me a room.  A hotel room.  By myself.  Right now, it’s 7:05pm on a Friday night and I’m already in my sweats and glasses (because I have pinkeye again.  Hot, I know.) after taking myself out to dinner.  Y’all, I had frozen yogurt and decaf coffee for dinner and seriously felt like I was living on the edge.  I need to get out more.  And now, I will sit on my plush hotel bed with my books and a remote and will probably fall asleep in an hour.  As a side note, my reading material for the night?  Tina Fey’s Bossypants (hilarious!  but would we expect anything less?) and Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Because He Loves Me (ugh, so so good.).  If my concurrent reading material is any indication of my psychological state, then it’s official: I’m a complete nutcase.

So, Matt Allison: thank you once again for your unending commitment to my sanity.  May your hotel points never, ever run out!