I know, I have been so MIA from this blog.  Life has been ridiculous as of late, and blogging simply has not been on the top of my priority list.  However, for those of you who get your undies all up in a bundle when I fail to post… this one is for you. 🙂


First off, the fam:


  • Carson… poor kid has been pretty sick most of the week.  High fevers were treated, labs were sent, scary diagnoses were thrown around, and a hard-hitting antibiotic was started.  And then, literally overnight, he recovered.  He’s been acting perfectly great for the past day, and we can finally rest a bit easier at night.  We are so thankful.
  • Mary Grace… seriously.  I love this child to death, but I have no clue what to do with her.  Her attitude is like that of a too-cool-for-school 15 year old, so I’m a bit concerned what our life will be like when she really is 15.  As a gross side note, we went to NC State’s Farm Animal Days yesterday.  One of the main attractions were the baby chicks.  On every side of the chicks were posted signs warning the public to wash their hands thoroughly after holding the chicks.  Duh.  Well… our sweet little bow-headed princess- as if to blatantly defy authority- set her baby chick down and promptly licked her grimy little hands before we could stop her.   So typical.
  • Matt and I… as I have mentioned, things have been stressful around here lately.  Very stressful.  And if we have learned one thing in the past almost-seven years of marriage, we have learned that all too often we take stress out on the ones we love the most.  So, with this in mind, we have been praying hardcore for God to protect and bless our marriage during this crazy season in which we find ourselves.  Once again, God is so faithful.  Over the past few weeks, without even asking, we have had a few amazing friends demand that they babysit so that we could get out alone.  What a huge blessing!

And last but certainly not least… the adoption.  Things with Rwanda aren’t looking too hot.  Not one bit.  As more and more people announce the closure of their files on a seemingly daily basis, my heart breaks.  For their dreams.  For the orphans.  And while we have not received official notice of the closure of our file, I am a practical realist (perhaps to a fault).  I know that our chances of adopting from Rwanda are slim, at best.  I am not saying that our God is not sovereign and able.  He is that and more.  But I also know that we are at the end of “the line” with many amazing families before us waiting for a very finite number of referrals.

What we do know is that even if our file is closed and we do not bring a Rwandan baby home, our adoption journey will not be over.  We know God has placed this calling in our hearts, and we will not allow one closed door to deter us from pressing on.  We are researching and praying hard about other options.  And, frankly, I feel a bit guilty about my (cautious) excitement over another possibility in another country.  As if I’m leaving my Rwandan baby by the wayside.  But as we continue to grope for wisdom, we trust in the goodness of God’s plans for our lives and the life of our future adopted child.


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  1. Hey girl, been thinking about you a lot lately but also didn’t know what to say to you. Thanks for the update on your kiddos and adoption. Will be praying for you that you have clarity and God will provide the way for you in such a mighty and perfect way. Love you friend, know that we are praying for you.

  2. I’m just now catching up on the state of things in Rwanda. After withdrawing our dossier in August to pursue our daughter’s referral in China, those of you still waiting have been in our thoughts and prayers daily. We just arrived home with sweet Abbie 3 weeks ago and want to send encouragement your way as you discern your next steps. All the best to you.

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