Mary Grace,

Stop it now. Seriously, nine months old? I refuse to accept the fact that you will be one in a mere three months…which might be the reason behind my delinquency in writing this post. Matt and I have actually both found ourselves babying you much more than we did with your big brother. I think the reason behind this is a combination between your gender and the fact that we have already witnessed firsthand how quickly you young’uns grow up.

I know, I know. Enough sappiness already! So this is what you’re up to these days…

  • ALAS! You are reliably sleeping through the night for about twelve hours. The secret? Just a few ounces of formula before bedtime. This just adds to my anecdotal research that breastfed babies take way longer to sleep through the night. Fine with me- I’ll gladly take the sleepless nights. Interesting sidenote- I brought some formula samples home from the office, and you hatehatehate Gentlease. As in won’t let a drop of it touch your mouth. You tolerate the Walmart generic stuff just fine though.
  • You’ve tried a whole bunch of new foods recently, from chicken to lentils to broccoli. Surprise, surprise, you have loved it all. You’re nursing four times a day and eating three meals of solids.
  • You are in that somewhat obnoxious stage of compulsively attempting to roll over and sit up when I’m changing your diaper. Tonight, I just gave up and buttoned your onesie without diapering you. Minutes later, we were cleaning up pee. Serves us right.
  • You are into everything. Everything. I find myself obsessively surveying our surroundings for potential dangers because, little girl, you will always discover them.
  • I am devastated to report that you have had your first kiss. A little boy- a whole two months older than you- crawled right up to you at the river this past weekend and laid a juicy one right on you. Good thing your daddy wasn’t there.
  • You’re wearing 12 month clothes, though you can still squeeze in some 9 month items.
  • You have had your first ear infection, and something tells me that another one could possibly be brewing. We’ll see when I bring you in for your nine month appointment.
  • You are still such a happy, laid back baby. There is almost always a big grin on your face… but when you’re mad, you’re very, very mad (and vocal, might I add).
  • You will bop your little body along with music. You really enjoy playing with the Laugh & Learn house. And you are now showing some interest in baby dolls. This brings your mama much joy.

I love you, Mary Grace!

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  1. OK, so I need to talk to you about doing the whole formula before bed thing.
    AND I love your stinking cute munchkin!

  2. OK, so I need to talk to you about doing the whole formula before bed thing.
    AND I love your stinking cute munchkin!

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