I must confess: I have been a lifelong skeptic of The Rivah. For years, I have listened to people talk about their weekend trips to “the rivah” (which, of course, refers to the Rappahannock and not the James River. Duh.), and I have always thought “well that’s dumb. Why would you go hang out at a river when there are perfectly good beaches nearby?”I have now seen the light. I spent my entire weekend at the rivah (I just can’t help myself- I must indulge in my newfound Richmond drawl) in awe the beauty and serenity of my surroundings. I even uttered the words, “I think I might like this more than the beach.”

Thank you mom and dad, and may you enjoy many hours of much-needed rest in the coming days.

Carson, rocking his William and Mary shirt. He totally makes me sing the W&M song every time he puts it on which really cracks me up.
First boat ride! Minutes later, the child was sound asleep which was really pretty cute.Chloe’s resting place for the weekend.This kid would live in the water if I let him. I’m seeing visions of long summers full of swim meets in the future…Courtney, babysitter extraordinaire