The speed and enthusiasm with which Mary Grace bounds through life is pretty impressive.  I wish I could tap into her energy for a day, for it would surely be enough to accomplish every to-do list from now until the end of time.  Even her “naps” are eventful.

IMG_0436 1

While I was savoring my sacred rest time the other day, this sight bounced down the stairs.  This is not atypical; I just don’t often have a camera available to document.  Not quite sure the look she was going for.

IMG_0438 1

I mean, sweet.mercy.  Why do kids not understand how good they’ve got it?  That nap times are glorious!  That they should be savored and cherished!  That she has all the time in the world to tap into the world of cross dressing, and it need not be done during nap time of all times!  I mean, really.

IMG_0466 1

Aaand this is what I found during not-nap-time the following day.  My daughter sound asleep inside a hula hoop with an embarrassing number of toys and books haphazardly strewn about around her.  I just don’t know.