Okay so we didn’t just play outside and wear seersucker all weekend.  It started like this…

IMG_0325 1

I know, right?!  Is that not the most pitiful face ever?  I took the picture to send to my office manager at work as a “here’s why I’m not coming into work today” excuse.  Elizabeth ended up rallying at the last minute (i.e. after she scarfed down breakfast. the child lives to eat.), so we ended up heading out to school/work after all.

IMG_0320 1

Unfortunately, we still ended up back at my work the following day to get some meds for yet another ear infection.  Clearly, Elizabeth feels like she owns the place.  Working at my kids’ pediatric practice has its benefits for sure.

IMG_0333 1

While Matt and Carson headed off to the rehearsal for our friends’ wedding that evening, I stayed home with the girls.  As we see here, the healing power of Target and Chickfila is truly astounding.  But we already knew that.




Saturday was the wedding.  Matt has worked with Tyler for the past few years, and we have had so much fun watching him fall head over heels in love with his now-bride, Sheena.  They were brave enough to ask Carson and one of the the sons of our children’s pastor to be the ringbearers.  Carson was pumped, and the boys did awesome.


This is classic… so, when we arrived prior to the wedding and saw many women donning ornate saris, Matt goes, “You know how I said you looked good earlier?  Well, now you’re looking pretty plain.”  Plain.  Awesome.  To give him credit, I kind of agreed.

IMG_0393 1

And yes, I was taking the awkward phone pictures of the wedding party as they had their legit pictures taken by the legit photographer.  I have no shame.  Gosh, the wedding was such a beautiful, Christ-centered, multicultural wedding.  I am (surprisingly) not a wedding crier, but tears were streaming down my face by the end of this one.

IMG_0392 1

Omitted from this post are the videos of Carson showing off his awesome (read: hilariously ridiculous) dance moves on the stage at the reception.  Not sure where he got his moves from, but it wasn’t me.