There’s been a whole lot of self-talk going on this week.  Utterances like “heeeere we go” and “hang on!” heard from my lips at ungodly hours of the morning make it seem like my day-to-day is a bit like a roller coaster.  I guess it kind of is.  Case in point:

Roller coasters = fun, exhilaration, fear, hanging on for dear life, and never feeling quite right when you get off

My days = about the same

However, as we know, all analogies tend to fall apart somewhere.  And this one is quite obvious.  Roller coasters end!  But our crazy?  It keeps going and going and going, creating super tender moments like this little text exchange from this week…


I wish (or maybe I don’t) that y’all could have been a fly on the wall to watch all of this go down.  Carson was (I guess kind of understandably) in absolute hysterics screaming “ahh!! get me to a hospital NOW!! the candy will be in my throat foreverrrrr!!”  Meanwhile, the girls start screaming… because that’s what they do.  Then, somehow, a post-bloody-nose Mary Grace eventually emerged from the bathroom with blood-smeared cheeks which was especially precious since she was dressed head to toe as a pirate and was slashing things and people left and right (with the sword that has since been confiscated).  Sometimes I take a moment to reflect on the chaos around me, and I wonder if there are hidden cameras set up to film for a documentary on the plight of the quasi stay at home mom.

Oh and p.s., this text came after my journey with the girls to and from Chapel Hill.  At naptime.  To schedule an appointment to have a birthmark cut off of Mary Grace’s scalp.  Fantastic.  Let me just tell you how much I’m looking forward to the “oh, by the way, sweetheart- you know that birthmark on your head that the doctors keep checking?  Well, they’re cutting it off of your head today!” conversation.  I’ve already warned her plastic surgeon that they might want to consider upping the anesthesia on that little firecracker.

The good news?  We are all alive.  Strung up on tons of coffee, maybe.  But alive.  AND we’re headed home this weekend to see my sweet friend from high school get hitched.  I don’t think I can adequately explain my excitement.

I suppose I should be signing off here though.  There’s another roller coaster awaiting.