Dear Taylor Swift,
This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for you. Sure, I am also super thankful for other far more important things like God, family, freedom, and friends. But let me tell you, you have brought some sanity into my life. Why, might you ask? Well, you have saved me from listening to “Clifford the Big Red Dog Top 15 Sing and Learn Songs” on repeat every time I got into my car. It took a considerable amount of coaxing on my part, but I finally convinced my son that your CD is a “cool CD”, as well. You might be a teenybopper-esque country singer, but I like you and so does my son. Actually, I hate to be rude, but he just likes #11. Even before “Our Song” ends, he asks for more. Truthfully, I’m getting a wee bit sick of #11, and I’m hoping he doesn’t start “sneakin’ out late” because his “momma don’t know”… but anything, anything is better than more Clifford at this point. Thank you for producing songs that appeal to my not-even-two year old son. Keep ’em coming!
A fan… and her toddler

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  1. What good taste your little man has! I love Taylor Swift! Hope to see you over the next couple of days!

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