The boss’s birthday party was a success, kids and all. After pizza, a ginormous piece of tres leches cake, and lots of attention, Carson didn’t even want to leave the office. I think I’m going to have to have a piece of cake stashed somewhere when he goes back for his second H1N1 shot in a few weeks to keep this trend going.

I feel like I need to build an ark or something. And this wind we’re having here is nuts! We lost power for a while this morning, and it was actually somewhat liberating. We’re quite cozy here in our sweats, though. Oh, and did I mention that Carson wore his underwear all morning long with zero accidents?! He’s diapered up for naptime now, but cross your fingers for this afternoon.
(P.S. I totally did not want to do the potty training thing yet, but the kid is showing so much interest that I feel negligent if I ignore his attempts.)

We’re eating sweet potato and black bean burritos for dinner. Admittedly, they don’t sound that great, but I promise Matt and I both found them quite tasty last time I made them!

This weekend:
It’s going to be Hotel Allison, and I’m pumped! The Hamricks are visiting from Virginia Beach on Saturday night, and then Jon (i.e. Matt’s friend, the OB resident, I asked for during my labor) will be here on Sunday night. Hope they don’t mind late night baby crying!

Somewhat more distant future:
The Allison fam has something rather exciting in the works, but I don’t think I’m at liberty to say yet. (Matt, am I at liberty to say yet??) Haha, isn’t that annoying of me? I thought so. Guess you’ll just have to stay posted…

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