Randomness, in pictures…

1. I love my girl in some hot pink.2. And I’m loving these shoes that The Giver of The Pearl Bracelet also bestowed on Mary Grace. Matt says they are “gangsta”, but I kindly informed him that nothing made by Laura Ashley can ever, ever be gangsta.3. Mary Grace is a porker. I stuck her on the scale the other day and it said she weighed over 18 pounds… BUT she was fully clothed and in a wet diaper, so we shall see at her 4 month visit soon.

4. “Bear” apparently has a hole in him. This is how we have found Carson’s room every morning. I hope my son’s love of “de-stuffing” his beloved Bear is not pathological behavior.

5. This is how Carson left the house yesterday, shades and all. He thinks he’s hot stuff or something.

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