Today, Mary Grace “marked her territory” so to speak on two separate spots at our local children’s museum. Allow me to clarify. The child left puddles… yes, puddles… not once but twice in the short two hours we were there. Cleaning crews were sent out, an entire play area was temporarily blocked off, and little miss underpants herself proudly announced to all spectators, “I peepee in princess underwear!” I seriously think she was pleased with herself. Lord, help me.

I think God is using my children to teach me humility.

Excuse the potty talk. Just keepin’ it real for y’all… 🙂

Hope your weekends are wonderful and accident-free…

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  1. You were amazing through it all. I totally would have lost it and I'm not even sure I would have stuck around after the first one. You are a rock star! Oh and it was all Wendy's fault for jinxing you

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