While we were out enjoying the amazingly beautiful weather this morning, Carson discovered his own shadow. And freaked out. We were on a “bug hunt” along a nature trail at the nearby park (the things you do with boys…) when he stopped dead in his tracks and pointed at his shadow. Lacking the appropriate vocabulary to verbalize his strong feelings about this new discovery, Carson resorted to yelling “uhuhuhuh nononono” and running away. Poor kid, not realizing how shadows work, threw even more of a fit when his big old shadow kept following him. I tried not to laugh and then shifted my focus to plotting how to get this 28+ pounder to walk back to the car by himself rather than being forced to carry him that far in my “delicate condition.”

Oh, and this was all after my 34 week OB appointment, during which Carson screamed bloody murder while sitting on the exam table next to me during my exam. When he finally calmed down, the forgiving OB tried to engage him in conversation. “So are you excited about being a big brother? Is your mommy going to have a little baby?”
His response: “Monster truck!”
The OB was a little taken aback, but I just thought to myself… “well- at least my child is predictable.”