I have become my mother. I crawled into bed last night and tried to convince Matt to switch the TV channel to Fox news to watch the election returns. “Common, it’ll be sexy”, I think I said. He didn’t turn the channel.

I really and truly do not know how our family goes through so much laundry, dishes, milk, bread, and peanut butter. Every single week, I marvel at all of these things either accumulate or dwindle in the pantry at record speed.

Halloween has passed. Can I officially declare it as Christmas season? All of the stores agree wholeheartedly with me, but Matt the Scrooge always ruins the Christmas in November festivities.

I think one of my favorite Spanish words is muchacha. How fun is that? Muchacha. Sometimes, patients call me a muchacha. My coworkers say it means “girl”. I hope they’re right. Muchacha.

Matt has been deceiving me big-time. He’s apparently a closet chef! At church on Sunday, we were asked to raise our hands if we like to cook. Matt raised his hand. Five years into marriage, I’m still waiting to see the fruit of this so-called hobby of his.

What is it about the “I’m in the Lord’s Army” song that every single Sunday schooled preschooler on the planet loves? Carson sings it all day long. Either that or “Deep and Wide”. He even had a few old ladies singing along with him in Walmart a few weeks ago.

So Sarah Palin is doing a new show on TLC? I’m not too sure how I feel about this. Oh, I’m going to watch it, no doubt about it. I sorta kinda have a secret fascination with the Palin family. Still, it seems a bit strange to me.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like… basketball season! I have spent the past two days at work examining what seemed like every high school basketball player in Johnston County. Why these kids wait till 30 minutes (literally) before tryouts begin to get their sports physical will always confuse me. Still, I think I’m more excited than ever about basketball season this year. Perhaps it has something to do with riding on the tails of Duke’s national championship last year. Or perhaps it about a new little point guard named Kyrie Irving.

I just googled Kyrie Irving to make sure I spelled his name right and landed on his Twitter page. A few days ago, he tweeted, “I swear Disney songs always put a smile on my face.” AWW! I love him even more now. Move over Sheldon… a new fav has entered onto the scene. Let’s go Duke!

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  1. That cracked me up about Matt raising his hand at church. Do you think he thought they asked who likes to EAT? Matt, we look forward to seeing what you can crank out for Christmas dinner…. and, no Pizza Hut deliveries allowed.

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