1. Sunglasses- Carson will often refuse to remove his sunglasses, and I even had to push him around Walmart the other day with my child looking like he belonged at the beach rather than basking in the fluorescent lighting.

2. Sweets- I think Carson inherited my sweet tooth because he has some uncanny way of knowing if there are fresh brownies or cookies cooling on the counter. He points, paces, and whines until he is able to grip some of his own in his hot little hands.3. Shoes- this one really makes me laugh. The boy refuses to be shoeless. Ever. He knows exactly where his shoes are kept and will bring me a pair, sit in my lap, and wait for me to put them on. He has a special affinity to his Crocs and has a minor fit every night when I have to take them off.4. Straws- For the past two weeks, Carson has spent hours playing with drinking straws. He loves to throw them, chew them, poke Chloe with them, and sword fight with them. Also, check out his wild, curly hair in these pictures below! Humid, rainy days make this boy’s head of hair completely untameable!

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