Lest you believe I have only been expending my crafty energy on my son, feast your eyes on Mary Grace’s new ruffled pants.So here’s the deal. My mom recently bought Mary Grace the cutest outfit with ruffled pants and top from a little (read: expensive) boutique. I love it, and I also love that I convinced myself that “I can sooo do that myself.” Ha, nothing like blatant overconfidence. So off I went to the local children’s boutique of Clayton (aka Super Walmart) to buy some cheapo knit pants. Some coordinating fabric, near-cursing at broken thread, and majorly imperfect (but good enough) sewing later, voila. Faux-boutique ruffled pants! I totally plan on making an appliqued top with matching fabric. This excites me more than you know.I love this shot with Chloe all up in Mary Grace’s space. So typical. And just because I know you’re dying to see the upper half of my little ruffled bambino…

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  1. I think a tutorial is in order:) I'd love to jazz up some of our plain jane leggings with ruffles!

  2. I love that little nose wrinkle! and yeah the pants are cute too! I think maybe it has been too long since I have seen her, her hair has gotten LONG!

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