On Monday morning, as I was preparing myself for the two days of work ahead of me, I presented Matt with the challenge of all challenges. I told my half-asleep husband that if he could break Carson of his beloved bedtime paci in two days, I would give him anything he wanted. The grandiose offer is representative of just how much I have been dreading this task. Matt perked up entirely too quickly and promptly agreed to the challenge. His one request: to be able to follow me around and smother love me for the entire week we’re on vacation.
Well, goshdarnit, the man did it. He had Carson “mail” all of his pacifiers to his little brother in Rwanda “who doesn’t have any paci’s” and then made up some touching tale of his experiences bidding adieu to his paci as a child. Then, to celebrate his first paci-free nap, Carson had his pick of toys in Target (a teeball set) and his pick for dinner (McDonald’s). A grand time was had by all.
Naptime and bedtime have been slightly more challenging over the past few days. Carson is stalling like a champ and has insisted on hearing “daddy’s paci story” more times than I can count. But blue paci is gone- maybe not in Rwanda, but high up on top of our computer desk waiting for Baby Brother to come home.

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  1. Carson, you are growing up into such a big boy… already setting a good example for your little brother. I love your generosity!

  2. Love the name, love the paci story, and LOVE that "Duke" is on the envelope "headed to Rwanda"! I spent a good bit of time in my post-China very jet-lagged state catching up on all of the antics of the Allisons and love love love every story. Here is one big AFFIRMATION Catherine. (And know that when I'm not actually posting affirmative posts, I'm reading, and affirming)! I'm going to send you another message right now, but is there anyway I can see your beautiful family before I leave??? 🙂

    Love you all!

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