Our program assistant over at Gladney emailed me yesterday to let me know that we have officially been approved by Gladney and that our home study has been sent to CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Service). Now the mailbox stalking continues as we wait for the our USCIS biometrics appointment date (in English- we’re waiting to know when we’re going to be fingerprinted yet again). Word on the street is that the government has recently stepped it up a notch and is getting adoptive parents fingerprinted and approved much faster than usual, but I think I’ll believe that when I see it.

In other news, I finally received an envelope from the Virginia Department of Health this week. I thought it surely had to contain my birth certificate that I have been anticipating for weeks. Oh but nooo- it was a lovely little letter stating that I had failed to enclose the stinkin’ check for my birth certificate! Shoot. The problem has been taken care of (I think), and I should be receiving my birth certificate in another 10ish days.

So that’s what’s going down on the adoption front. We’re getting there!

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  1. I have heard that rumor also. People have said that after the USCIS receives it at the drop box in TX, that they have been processing it in a day or two and getting it sent to your local office ASAP. Then it just depends on how backlogged your local office is, ours was done within a month of arrival in TX.

  2. wow! so exciting!! we just finished our homestudy and we're are sending our's off to uscis on tuesday. i always wonder when i come across other people who are at the same stage if we will meet while in rwanda šŸ™‚ my sis-in-law just got through with uscis and i think it took less than 3 weeks total. we live in cali. good luck in the rest of your process!

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