Okay, so in hindsight, it may not have been one of my most brilliant ideas to show up at the mall Santa on a weekend two weeks before Christmas. The line was definitely a tad longer than expected BUT the kids did awesome as they eagerly awaited some quality time with Mr. Claus. As we waited, I reassured Matt the Santa Skeptic with such statements as, “It’s okay! I used to wait in line for five hours to see the real Santa! No really! I’m serious! Five hours!” Alright, so that may be a slight exaggeration, but to a child, that long line at Miller and Rhoads really did seem that long!Back to Saturday… alas, we made it to the front of the line, and as could be expected from a two year old and and a one year old, the big moment was a bit anti-climatic. Carson simply handed Santa his list and just sat. Completely unenthused. Mary Grace didn’t get all the hype either. Needless to say, we pocketed our money and took some illegal digital pics instead. Hohoho.Oh, and the list. I must address the list that he oh-so-seriously dictated to me Saturday morning. A pillow? For real? Kid, you have like ten on your bed. And a “pump-up-thing” (aka a ball pump). I know you love balls, but let’s get a little more creative. Then, there’s the request for a new “party hat”… solely because he had a stellar time at his friend’s birthday party this past week and can’t get it out of his obsessive little head. And here comes the clencher. A “key tool toy”. Whaaaat? We kept asking him to repeat himself when he made this particular request because it honestly sounded like he was speaking Chinese (before you judge, say “key tool toy” to yourself and you’ll see what I mean). We finally figured out the words he was saying but have yet to figure out what in the heck the boy means. Santa’s elves have their work cut out for them this year.

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  1. maybe he meant like a pocket knife thing – you know they have all those gadgets "tools" and some come on key chains?

  2. Anonymous: that's what I originally thought, but he quickly informed me that he was not saying "cool". Key tool toy it is.
    Chilly: Smart thought! But if the child thinks I'm getting him a pocket knife, he's got another thing coming. 🙂

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