There’s something about attending a Christmas program at your kids’ school that makes one feel like a legit parent. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, tonight’s program was super cute. And short. Which was fabulous since I allowed Mary Grace to participate after running a fever all day. I mean, they make Tylenol for a reason, right? (To give me a little credibility, I’m pretty positive she has another ear infection. They’re not contagious, so she [hopefully] didn’t spread her cooties to anyone during her 60 seconds of fame.)

We missed the memo about needing to get seats for the program hours early. I totally thought 20 minutes would be sufficient. We were wrong, hence the terrible pictures. I was a bit worried that our reserved little Carson would freak over the large audience, but he rocked it… as much as a child performing in a Baptist preschool Christmas program could possibly rock it.

I almost didn’t even post the super blurry picture of Mary Grace, but I had to provide proof that she was indeed there. The video of her, however, was taken at home. It cracks me up how it sounds like she sings “Mary had a baby boo.” She’s so ghetto, yo.

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