With all of the ups and downs and twists and turns, I know some of you are eager for another update on the adoption front.  And oh how I wish I had a major update to offer you.  But I don’t.  However, I do have some teensy little details… and in this time of utter uncertainty, it’s these seemingly small details that we cling to so tightly.

Overall, there has been a general sense of positivity as of late among the Rwanda adoption community.  We all have heard that there are referrals on the horizon, and we’re all beyond eager to catch wind of these referrals actually being made.  As far as the six month deadline goes, we’re all still waiting… though it does seem as though the ministry is not holding to this deadline that was previously set.  What a huge answer to prayer! From all that I have heard, it seems as though the ministry remains pro-adoption and is committed to finding families for their orphaned children.

I did have a brief chat with our agency caseworker yesterday, and she, too, remains positive that things should be picking up speed soon.  We don’t know what that means for us personally at this point, but we would simply be thrilled to see any movement at all happening in Rwandan adoptions.  She did confirm that our name is on a list at the orphanage in Kigali waiting to be “matched” with a child.  We’re not entirely sure how many other names are on this list and where we fall on it.  However, it does bring me a sense of comfort that we’re there at all.  There are apparently a number of children that are “ready” to be matched (i.e. they have all necessary paperwork including medical clearances)… and we are praying they are all placed into families soon!

I’m telling you guys, it may seem as though our adoption journey has been one huge burdensome struggle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Yes, it has been stinkin’ hard at times, but God has worked in some mighty ways throughout this process.  Time and time again, He has opened doors that have been seemingly slammed shut and has proved the impossible to be possible indeed.  We praise God for what He has done thus far, and we continue to have faith that He will bring our baby boy home to us soon.