Y’all came through. Thanks a bunch. Though Matt is pushin’ hard for the Toms, I think I’m going to start with the good ‘ol standby of Keds. I was going to run to Stride Rite during my lunch break today, but a darn drug rep had to come and rain on my parade. I’m all for some free lunches, but seriously Miss Not-So-Stellar-Drug-Rep-Lady, why oh why must you show up any time I have grand plans of lunchtime errand running? I suppose there’s always next week.

On the subject of stressful things, our favorite NC State babysitter is upstairs studying for a cultural anthropology final. It’s tomorrow. She’s stressed. I’m stressed for her. Meanwhile, Matt’s in the process of wrapping up his summer school work that was due, like, two days ago (no really, it was). I’m stressed for him, too. I must say- I am pretty ecstatic that I am done with school forevaaa. The day they make my profession return for a doctorate is the day that I quit… not to be overly dramatic or anything…

And yet another stressful thing- I woke up in tears this morning from a bad “wow, that seemed so real it really may have just happened” dream about Rwanda. In my dream, I had a meeting with the minister in Rwanda who informed me that they would only allow 28 more families to adopt from Rwanda. Ever again. And I, of course, was devastated. And then woke up to my son early morning mantra: “mommmmmy! I’m not sweeeeepy!” And quickly snapped back to reality.

But on a way better note, Matt Papa’s new album has just made my night fabulous. In fact, he’s just amazing in general. I feel so grateful to be part of a church that is so intentional about not only preaching, but singing, the gospel.

Oh yeah, and my parents are visiting for the weekend. Last time they were in town, my dad bought a pickup truck. Who knows what they’ll leave Johnston County with this time… some livestock perhaps?

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