Inevitably, any family photo session will yield some hilarious outtakes.  As expected, we had our fair share.  The best part of all of it, however, is that these outtakes seem far more representative of our real life than the others.  So, enter the world of the Allisons…  where crazy and chaos is the norm.


 Here, we see my valiant attempt to appear blissfully unaware of our kids’ concerns that “it’s toooo hotttt” or that “this tree is tooo bumpy” or “I have to peepeeee”.  Because, for the love, we will smile and look happy!  Matt clearly didn’t get the memo.  Classic.


Funny face.  And cowlick.  Gotta love five year old boys.


And this…


Inappropriate, Matt.  And, yet, so typical.  Thanks, Lauren, for catching this moment of love and romance.


Ahh, here we go.  Now this is how I feel most of the time (read: borderline crazy).  And check out Elizabeth who’s all “dude, now’s my chance! I’m gonna make a run for it!”

You know, people often tell me in my moments of stress of exhaustion that I will look back on these days of raising littles and will miss them.  At times, I resent these comments and want to roll my eyes because don’t they remember how flippin’ hard it is??  But as I look at these pictures of bright eyes and mischievous expressions and baby dolls in tow, I begin to concede that maybe they’re onto something.  Maybe.