Today is Tuesday which recently has been a favorite day of the week for Carson. Why, you ask? Well, just as any wide eyed child eagerly awaits the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas, Carson can hardly contain his excitement over the trash and recycling trucks that make their way through our neighborhood at the crack of dawn every Tuesday. He has an insane ability to hear the trucks approaching from a distance and will dash to the nearest window to peer out. This morning, I took him outside in his pajamas to watch close up, and he was literally shaking with excitement.

The next exciting part of our day was our first trip of many to the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh. Carson and I met up with a friend from church who also has two little boys, and they had a ton of fun running and playing. You can’t really sense his enjoyment in these pictures only because I couldn’t keep up with his turbo pace and snap decent pictures at the same time. Carson enjoyed himself so much that I even felt compelled to buy a year long family membership. I can pretty much guarantee that we’re going to get our money’s worth out of that place over the coming year!
And as if we needed any more excitement today, Carson decided that my growing belly is clearly in need of accessories, so he took it upon himself to remove each and every truck sticker from his dresser and meticulously stuck each of them onto my abdomen. This process probably took a good 20 minutes, and when he had finally completed his mission he had a very pleased look on his face. I am so glad my stomach can bring such quality entertainment to my son.This final picture was taken over the weekend and just makes me smile. I love my boys!!

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  1. i hope matt's lawn mower is not really on….you're making me nervous. and your post reminds me of parking my car at construction sites just to watch the Big Trucks at work with my three little boys. such fun!

  2. wait till carson starts teaching you about rims and lifts. you will never be the same.

  3. how sweet! that shot is a keeper/frame-worthy.

    I would like to see a picture of your belly with the truck stickers! Ha! Too funny 🙂

  4. oh that brings back memories of james doing the exact same thing when mike cut the grass-he would match his every step and turn when he turned. I think we went through 2 or 3 plastic lawnmowers in those days.

    Aunt Beth

  5. Catherine: Both of your boys are really cute with their grass cutting. I just hope the thrill doesn't disappear before the young 'un is worth his salt at the real duty. Like Drew, I'm nervous too – please keep him away from the side with the discharge chute (flying missiles at supersonic speeds). You guys are doing a great job; keep the news coming!

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