At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it snowed.  A lot.  Again.  And I’d totally be joining the masses in posting adorable pictures of snowmen and sledding andallthatjazz, but we haven’t stepped foot outside in the stuff.  Not once.  We have, however, consumed an obscene amount of junk food, spent hours “swimming” in the bathtub, rocked out to Call me Maybe one too many times, and stared in awe (horror?) at the large hole our vampire-child BIT in her brother’s shirt.  I also got all tiger mom up in here and had Carson complete the rest of his homework for the month.  Because I have a dream that one day he will indeed return to school.  Maybe?  Oh dear Lord, please let him return.  I’m just not cut out for homeschooling!

Anyway, don’t you worry about us.  We’ve pretty much got this snow day thing down now.