A few favorite stories from the weekend…

  • Our friend had to run up to Lucky’s (local gas station) the morning of the yard sale and happened to have two of the Virginia Tech bows clipped to her shirt. While at Lucky’s, a random stranger stopped her and asked where she found the bows. Our friend told her the short version of our story, gave the lady the bows right off of her shirt, and Stranger Hokie Fan handed her a $50 for our adoption.
  • I was so very humbled to watch so many family and friends rally behind us and our adoption. Words cannot convey how grateful I am for the days and days of preparation and hard work that were put into making our yard sale a success. As thankful as I am for each and every adult who helped this weekend, a major highlight of the weekend was watching some of the teenagers sacrifice their weekends (and their possessions and potentially their “cool factor” at school, as you will see in the pictures) to help out. Emma, Gregory, Courtney, Hayley, James… you guys blew me away.
  • While at my home church yesterday, my mom started talking to a friend about the yard sale. Another lady who was nearby approached my mom to say that she had heard about our yard sale and was hoping she could have made it out to talk to me about adoption. Well, I was quickly introduced to her and she proceeded to tell me that she was adopted out of a German orphanage during WWII. She was so encouraging and loving… truly a God-ordained encounter.
As we proceed down this road to adopting Wyatt, I stand in awe as God continues to make it abundantly clear that He’s got our back.

The view when I pulled up Friday evening. Clearly, this was too much to set up on Saturday morning, so Matt, James, and Gregory slept outside all night to “protect the goods”.

Matt and Caleb… two of our good friends who drove up (with their amazing wives, Kim and Morgan) from Virginia Beach to help.
The grandfathers
James took it upon himself to purchase this costume and stand on Robious Road to advertise our yard sale. Gregory played along as well. They are high school guys. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. That is crazy Catherine!!! I hope you sold most of the stuff so you didn't have to clean it all up:) That is for sure the biggest yard sale I have ever seen. Just as well you have a big driveway! Sounds like you had a fantastic day.

  2. That is truly awesome! I especially appreciate that the high school kids sacrificed their dignity for such a good cause!

    Congrats on such a successful weekend! 🙂

  3. Somewhere there is a little boy that doesn't have an inkling of how much he is anticipated and how much LOVE is being held in reserve for him. Wyatt, you must be pretty special to have so many who care so much. May every tear we shed in joy be indicative of the further strengthening of your moral fiber. You are blessed and we look forward to sharing in blessings through you. Hurry home, GrandMa & PawPaw

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