Reasons 12,351,361 and 12,351,362 I love my husband:

12,351,361: He is a freakin hard worker. This has been an insane semester for him. He’s taking a stupid number of credits in really difficult classes PLUS work… not to mention being a husband and a parent to Carson and a newborn. It makes me exhausted just typing all of that. He’s been super busy the past two weeks with schoolwork, and we’re in countdown mode until the end of the semester. Only 34 days until his final final!

12,351,362: After his crazy week, he had the grace to compliment the lentils I made for dinner tonight. So, maybe I fished for the compliments, but he gave them nonetheless. Poor guy married a girl who not only does not enjoy meat all that much but who actually enjoys eating lentils.

You rock, Matthew Carson!

**Hahaha! In searching our computer files for a good picture of Matt, I came across this, taken at some point in college. I immediately busted out laughing and could not resist the opportunity of posting it.

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