The weather has been pretty awesome around here over the past week, so we have been outside a ton. I made the mistake one day of raking a small pile of leaves for Carson to play in. Well, the slave driver that he is, he kept yelling “more! more!”, demanding that I continue to rake. Thanks to my 22 month old son, I wound up raking the whole yard.I have also mentioned before my son’s passion for balls. He is always toting around some sort of ball and consistently insists on wearing his “ball hat” (which is an old, flat brimmed Atlanta Braves hat that is way too big for him) and his “ball shoes” (though he has recently stepped in dog poop while wearing his New Balances, so he now calls them his “poopoo ball shoes”). Some nights, I’ll catch Carson and Matt sneaking downstairs to watch football or baseball together when Carson is supposed to be in bed. It’s really kind of cute- Carson will look at me and then will look over to Matt and say “shhh”, knowing full well that they are breaking the rules. We went on a walk through our neighborhood this week when Carson saw a couple 10 year old boys shooting the basketball. Always up for a good ball game, Carson plopped himself right on down on the sidewalk across the street, watched them play for about five minutes, and then moved on muttering to himself “cool ball.”

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  1. Maybe this love of balls is the church nursery's fault… Zeke is obsessed as well. BUT when he sees the neighborhood kids playing he throws a tantrum when I won't let him go play with them.

  2. too sweet for words! What an adorable boy. I love how he is sitting there with such a look of awe…too cute!

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