*Fair warning: I have done a rather sorry job at updating Carson’s baby book lately, so I am all the more appreciative for this blog. Sometimes I write more for my own benefit as a way to document this crazy thing we call life at the risk of being completely boring to anyone else reading. This is such a post.

I dragged Carson into work this morning to get his check up and shots. Despite the blood curdling screams and tears from him, he ended up quite pleased to leave the office covered from head to toe in Elmo stickers. We are so thankful to have such a healthy little guy, but I must admit that at every visit, I realize that his shot at playing NBA basketball just continues to dwindle. Matt had high hopes much of his first year as his height hovered around the 95-97th percentile. Now, at eighteen months, his weight is at the 75% and his height down to the 25%. Sorry, kid. It’s called genetics.

In the past few weeks, Carson really has started talking a lot more. Some of the words he is now saying include:
Mama, Dada, more, bird, boom, truck, cheese, Josh, trash, booboo, byebye, yes, dirt, ball, bear, shoes, choochoo, ‘mo (for Elmo), bugs

He is also making animal sounds for dog, cat, duck, cow, sheep, and elephant.

Some of Carson’s latest likes:
Trucks, bugs, milk, Sesame Street, dancing to music, reading, playing with balls, his bear, blueberries, the pool, stickers

And some major dislikes:
Veggies, having his teeth brushed, being told “no”

Sweetest thing ever:
We have always prayed with Carson, and recently we have become very aware that he has caught onto what we are doing. At mealtimes in particular, it just makes me melt to watch as he reaches to hold our hands and then proceeds to bow his little head as we pray. The other day, the two of us were on the floor playing when he grabbed my hands and tried to close my eyelids. I finally realized what he was doing and asked if he wanted to pray. He enthusiastically answered “uh huh uh huh”. That is one request I will never say no to.

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  1. What an amazing little man you are raising!

    Don't lose hope Matt! The shortest player ever in the NBA was 5'3" and he had a very successfull career (he came out of Wake, FYI).

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