Well, we made it back alive from another whirlwind holiday trip up to Virginia. This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Matt’s mom’s side of the family at a picturesque old house on the Chesapeake Bay. The day could not have been more gorgeous, so we decided to take our meal outside. I just had to take a picture because, well, you tell me. Name the episode and show that this scene made me think of, and you win the (imaginary) prize! Ready, go.

3 Comments on a post-thanksgiving contest

  1. Either The Waltons, The Homecoming, or the Thanksgiving episode (which CP usually borrows on video cassette from the UR library for us to watch over the holiday—but we missed it this year!).

  2. Is that Matt on the far end? He looks like he's in time out all down there on the end by himself. šŸ™‚

  3. I guess "The Office" when they are all sitting at the picnic table to eat the hotdogs on their "beach trip"….???

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