Oh, people… I am sorely disappointed. Did you really not watch Dawson’s Creek back in the day? The answer to my I-thought-it-was-obvious-but-I-guess-it-wasn’t question is the Thanksgiving episode of Dawson’s Creek, circa 1999. You know the one- when Jen’s mom came on Thanksgiving which created all sorts of drama… which was added to all of the other preexisting drama… but, in the end, all I remember is that they ate their Thanksgiving meal outside with a similar backdrop? Nevermind. You clearly don’t know the one.

On a different note, on our way back from the bay we were able to swing through Midlothian to see my family. As our kids are getting a little older, it is becoming so fun to watch the cousins interact. It might be a good thing to have some distance between them, as I’m pretty certain this little crew is going to get themselves into some crazy shenanigans one day…

Let’s title this last picture the “hey everyone, let’s go pee in the woods” shot, orchestrated by none other than Will, i.e. the most persuasive and smooth-talking six year old that ever was.

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  1. Dawson's creek….riiiight. Haha, I was totally off! That really was a great show. Now I want to go rewatch it…must check netflix. 🙂

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