I knew it was coming. With Carson’s wild and fearless ways, it was just a matter of time. I just didn’t think it would happen like it did this morning.

Today was Carson’s first trip to the ER. This morning, I was carrying Carson downstairs (a task he usually does just fine without my aid but he insisted), and somehow on the way down, I slipped and we took a little spill. Immediately, Carson wailed and grabbed his leg. He tends to be a bit dramatic, but I thought this time was different. I know my son’s cry, and I knew he was hurting. I tried to get him to walk (he refused to bear weight), I tried to feel for any lumps (he screamed), and I called my boss to make sure I wasn’t overreacting (she validated my thoughts). So, it was off to the ER for us.

Thankfully, Matt drove home from church for the event. Carson was seen quickly, he cried like a maniac when they did the x-rays, he wooed the nurses with his charm, and eventually my suspicions were confirmed. He has a buckle fracture of his left tibia… the ER doc said it’s not anything super major and it will heal quickly. Still, he was splinted up there and will be seen by ortho on Monday to be casted. He’ll probably be in the cast for about six weeks. Six. Long. Weeks. During Christmas and his birthday and while potty training. Joy of joys.

Carson is doing famously now. He took a fantastic nap after being drugged up with Tylenol with codeine, and he loves his “blue booboo”. He’s scooting around on his butt to chase down his crayons as I type this. He’s actually doing a lot better than his guilt-ridden, stressed-to-the-max mother. I was about to ask the ER nurse for some narcotics myself (kidding… sorta).

I told Matt that we need to pray for miraculous healing of his bone by Monday. He said it won’t happen. I called him a heretic. I think you all should pray anyway to prove him wrong and me right… because that’s always fun. We could use lots of prayers up in here anyway. The Allison clan is a hot mess right now.
The splint and macaroni noodles. Gluing noodles to paper plates provided loads of fun for my non-weight bearing son. I’m open to any and all suggestions for crafty, calmish activities to entertain my very active child now that we have encountered this little set back.

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  1. SO SO sad this happened. I was so excited about seeing you tonight. I had us sitting at the same table and everything (the power of being able to plan the seating chart, hehe) I will definitely be praying for you. I know the ER is scary.
    As for activities, I love this website which will give you tons of ideas (seriously might be my newest fave site):
    And then a couple other ideas that I do are:
    *bowls, cups, and spoons with water
    *the same with water and a little flour- it makes a dough that is fun
    *get a rubbermaid container and fill with beans, hide toys in it for him to find, let him scoop them into containers, etc
    *pipecleaners and beads for stringing
    Ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers

  2. Cattie Sue!! So sad to hear about Carson's blue boo boo! He looks like he's taking it like a champ though. You're definitely in my thoughts!

  3. poor little car car-i feel your pain catherine! He wont even be able to play in the snow up here for Christmas.


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