…it’ll be all my fault. As seen in this video, Carson has a very clear understanding of who toppled down the stairs with him. Thankfully, people have come out of the woodwork with their own horror stories of dropping/inadvertently causing injury to their children. Those stories make me feel a little better about Unfortunate Stair Incident ’09, I suppose. Matt is frustrated waiting for me to put an end to my personal pity party, as he is just itching to start making fun of me and The Fall. Oh and Carson? Yeah, he’s fiiine. The kid is a trooper and a half. He’s getting anything he wants out of me right now, including a gigantic Little Debbie cupcake for lunch and the much anticipated viewing of Cars tonight. His “blue boot” is still a fun novelty to him, though I’m pretty certain the thrill will wear off soon.

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  1. Matt told me this morning! I think you'll be more damaged from this incident then Carson.

    Ellie sure did miss Carson this morning. She thinks his blue cast is pretty cool.

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