I was way under-impressed with Super Walmart this morning. (Well, let’s be real here. How often is anyone actually legitimately incredibly enthused about Walmart to begin with. It’s one of those necessary evils in my life.)

Incident #1:
After scouring the shelves for pita bread, I finally asked an employee for assistance.
Me: “Excuse me, sir. Can you please tell me where I might be able to find pita bread.”
Employee: “Pita bread?”
Me: “Yeah, you know… pocket bread. It’s flat and round…”
Employee: “I ain’t ever heard of any pita bread before.” And with a confused look, he shakes his head disapprovingly and walks off.

Incident #2:
A little background. Carson loves marshmallows. I got a bag today to use as potty training bribery. He already has a tupperware of pretzels above the toilet as his other bribery of choice. My eating habits have really rubbed off on him in a huge way.
I successfully managed to keep them out of his sight the entire trip until he caught a peek of them when we were checking out. He started crying for them, but I held my ground (for once) and told him that they were for using the potty. Well, the sales clerk proceeded to grab the bag of marshmallows, hug them, and say “oohhhh marshmallows! I loooove marshmallows! Don’t these look sooo yummy!” Seriously people, this went on for what seemed like 10 minutes while my son banged his head on the filthy Walmart floor in complete tantrum mode. I was so shocked at this craziness that I didn’t even have the words to say.

I mean, really…. who does that?!

Common, Walmart, you can do better that that!