As much as Matt and I are on the same page about so many things, we totally do not see eye to eye on the whole issue of decorating for Christmas. I would just assume decorate in August, but he wants to have the tree up for a whole 24 hours. Typically, I strive to be a submissive wife, but yesterday was not one of those days. I broke our brand new artificial tree out of the box while he was at work and got to work decorating the thing. While listening to Mariah Carey crooning about all she wants for Christmas. Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas music? I digress…

Anyway, I had a feeling Carson would be stoked to wake up from his nap to find a tree in his house, so I had my camera ready to tape his reaction. Really, this video doesn’t do it justice. And he continues to wander into the room, covering his mouth, and gasping when he sees the “beeeeg beeeeg beeeg chee”. So priceless.

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  1. Oh, that makes me want to decorate right now!!!! Hmmm… I think I see a project for the upcoming week before Thanksgiving 🙂

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