I think we should have considered enrolling Carson in the WWF rather than YMCA soccer. Let’s just say that at game numero uno tonight, he proved himself to be quite the little defender. Three year olds (on both teams) were dropping like hot potatoes as Carson “blocked” them. Somehow along the way, he decided that blocking a player involved getting them in a death grip and throwing them to the ground. I almost wanted to hide in embarrassment when Carson would yell to the sidelines after every downed child, “Mama! I blocked another one!!” Except that I was laughing too hard to do anything. Everyone was.

Oh, but my versatile little soccer player doubled as offense as well. Another shining moment was when he took possession of the ball and ran it halfway down the field. He looked left, pivoted to the left, and went left. And kept dribbling and dribbling and dribbling until he had almost reached the woods. We cheered, laughed, and tried to mention something about “out of bounds”.

Oh my, I love this organized sports thing. Here’s to the hope of future college scholarships… as long we can avoid 25390 red cards a game…

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  1. Cattie Sue!

    My big weekend event is done after this weekend and i'll have so so much more time on my hands! Send Carsons schedule! I'm cominggg to his next game! 🙂

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