At least my 26th birthday started out great. Reminiscent of my childhood days, I peered out the window early this morning to see if snow came as had been forcasted. Sure enough, our yard was covered in an unadulterated blanket of snow. Despite the conditions, Matt dragged himself out of bed and drove down the road to get me a hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. Matt’s work was cancelled, Carson slept in until 8am, and then we headed out to play in the snow for a few minutes.

That’s where the good part ends.

Mid-morning, Matt remarked that he “felt funny.” I didn’t pay him a whole lot of attention. Then came the inauguration… and don’t get me started on that. Soon, all heck broke loose as Matt started vomiting, Carson refused to nap, and the snow just kept on coming down. As evening approached, I realized that I needed to shovel our driveway so I would be able to drive to work in the morning. As the day would have it, I learned that we do not have a shovel, so I began to use a broom to sweep the snow away. Oh, and I was wearing backless leather Sperrys to do so, as my one pair of running shoes was soaked from the morning and Matt didn’t want me to wear his new New Balances. So there I was, sweeping our snow-covered driveway in my leather shoes as my feet turned more numb by the second. Thankfully, my neighbor saw my pitiful state and loaned me his shovel. Meanwhile inside, Matt was hovering over the toilet while Carson was screaming in his crib.

So here I sit now. Eating caramel corn ricecakes for dinner because I have no energy to fix anything else. Worried that Matt is going to become so dehydrated I’m going to need to take him in for IV fluids. Terrified that Carson and I are going to get sick too. Less than optimistic about the next four years. Feeling like I want a do-over for my birthday.

At least my boss is closing the office tomorrow due to the snow… though it might be less stressful there than our home was today.

Pleaseplease pray that this horrendous stomach bug stays far away from me and Carson. That is my ONE birthday wish this year!!