1. Before today, I had never ever made a casserole. When we got married, Matt mentioned one day that he was not a huge fan of casseroles, so they have just never made it to our dinner table. Until tonight. For a couple days, I have had a weird craving (which might just be the first legitimate pregnancy craving I have ever had, might I add) for chicken casserole. I knew I had a recipe for a delicious casserole that Matt’s grandmother prepared for us a couple weeks ago, and I just could not wait to try it out. Well, let me just tell you– I have hardly been able to eat a darn thing the past few days, so Matt was floored to see me get thirds of this tasty culinary delight. Mmm- something about it just hit the spot and was exactly what my nauseated body yearned for. He was even more weirded out when I proclaimed that “I don’t like vegetables anymore.” Pregnancy does odd, odd things to me.

2. Carson never gets juice. I have just made it a habit to either give him milk or water so he doesn’t even know what sugary goodness he’s missing. At some point, I acquired a jug of apple juice that has been sitting on the floor of our pantry. Today, I decided to break it out and let my poor, deprived son try it out. What followed was priceless. He took a few sips from his cup and then proceeded to run towards me and give me a big, sticky kiss and a hug…. and then downed the rest of the cup. Maybe I should start buying more juice for my child if I can get that reaction every time!
Thomas and Carson- sadly, one of the few pictures I took when my family visited a few weekends ago…

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  1. i knew thomas and carson were photogenic but look at little sugar. i will be registering her today for the next dog show!

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