As I have mentioned before, Carson is always happier when he is outside. I just love to sit back and watch him explore the backyard as he digs in dirt, pulls up the grass that Matt has worked so hard to grow, and throws sticks. He’s also quite a little collector and loves to bring his rocks inside to then stash behind the TV or in the couch cushions. As we watched him play the other day and chuckled at his sweaty hair, grimy little hands, and skinned knees I mentioned to Matt, “You know, I think I’d like to have another little boy or two around here…”
*As a side note, notice that Carson is carrying a magazine ad thing in his hand in each of these pictures. Why, you ask? He has a strange fetish for anything that we call “mail.” It all started months ago with his Fisher Price playhouse that came with a mailbox and plastic mail- kids seriously choose the weirdest things to become fascinated with. I guess he’s like his mom who finds immense pleasure in getting mail every day.

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