Somehow I managed to take approximately 50 million pictures this Christmas, so brace your little selves.  Today, let’s start with Christmas Eve.  We hung out with Matt’s grandparents in Durham, proceeded onto a phenomenal service our church put on at the Durham Performing Arts Center, and concluded with me running through the Chickfila drive through and trying to wrestle all three kids in bed while Matt helped with the final Christmas Eve service in Durham.


 “Anmama” with her great-grandbabies.  I promise the kids were more enthused than they appear here.


 Elizabeth adored “Pop”.  Naturally.  (Sorry for the blur.  I have yet to figure out the settings of my new camera, hence some really awful pictures that will soon be posted.)


 Mary Grace, post consumption of fifteen (!!) chicken nuggets.  Remember this for a future post.  Spoiler alert: the nuggets did not stay put.


Our family of five, looking pretty legit in front of the DPAC backdrop.  Ha.