Yesterday morning, I dragged my weary husband out of bed and announced that we were past due for a trip to the pumpkin patch and that it was high time to remedy that. So, we headed down the road to Benson where we had a fun morning of pumpkin picking, goat feeding, and millet maze wandering. It didn’t hurt that we were the only ones there (so, it was a bit chilly, but we were all bundled up!).
Carson was a riot at the “park” (so he called it). As soon as laid eyes on the goats and donkey, he sprinted back and forth along the fence shouting “hi dogs!hi dogs!hi dogs!”. I tried to explain that these were not, in fact, canines, but he could have cared less. Then, as we wandered around the pumpkin patch, he felt it necessary to taste any potential pumpkin. As in, “let me take a huge chomp out of this dirty gourd and give my mom a heart attack.” I’m not quite sure what he was thinking, but I’m thinking he walked away from that place filled with pesticides.

All in all, fun was had by all and even Matt-the-Pumpkin-Patch-Doubter wants to return soon.

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  1. I love the pumpkin patch! Such adorable pictures…I love the goat and carson!!! Hope you are all doing well! 🙂

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