Just this past week, we have really started to notice how much Carson has been learning in his class at church. Anytime we pray now, he will clasp his little hands together and will always exclaim “amen!” at the prayer’s conclusion. He knows that we pray to God and that God made everything. Our little theologian really enjoys listing off everything that God has made… dada, dogs, bugs, cheese, poopoo…

Which brings up my second point of the day… Carson has been ridiculously enamored with “poopoo” these past few weeks. He shrieks with glee when he sees me change Mary Grace’s diapers, he yells at us whenever he walks past “dog poopoo” in the backyard, and he loves to list off everyone who “poopoos.” Now, I’m not sure if I should credit Summit Kids for his most recent interpretation of scripture, but several days ago, just guess who topped his list of “who poopoos”… none other but God! I’m glad my son is taking such interest in religious matters, but seriously- how far can a kid’s interest in bodily functions go? Boys will be boys, I guess.

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