Mary Grace,

You’re eight months old today! And boy oh boy are you living it up here at the beach. Spoiled rotten is what it’s called. Along with your recent hobby of shoving entire fistfuls of sand in your little mouth, here’s what you’ve been up to these days…

  • You are army crawling everywhere. You have some mad upper body strength, girl. We might just have another gymnast on our hands.
  • You’re still an awesome eater. And by awesome, I mean all the time. You are still nursing about every three hours during the day and have been waking up once at night to eat as well. You’re also eating solids three times a day and will devour anything I give you. Honestly, I can’t even tell you what your favorite foods are at this stage in the game because you eat everything with such joy and excitement.
  • When you smile, you scrunch up your entire little face which makes it difficult to breathe. It’s really stinkin adorable.
  • Your top teeth are poking through a teensy bit, and it will be just days before you have a four toothed grin.
  • Separation anxiety has officially set in. You now often cry when I leave you in the church nursery but always seem as happy as a clam when I come to pick you up.

You are such a sweet snuggly little girl, and I love you to pieces. For the love, though- please stop eating the sand!

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