Tomorrow, we will be heading here where you can see theseand I can eat thisand these
and I can read thisIf you can’t tell, I am pumped for the week ahead! Corolla is by far one of my favorite places ever, and we are beyond ready for a break from the craziness that has been our lives recently. I’m staying true to form, though, and will be toting my ever-growing adoption file folder with us. What better time to have a huge stack of important documents notarized and shipped off than while on vacation, right?

Perhaps I will even be inspired to blog while I’m away. We shall see…
In the meantime, peace out!

3 Comments on peacing out

  1. Catherine, I'm in Corolla RIGHT NOW!!

    We'll be here till Saturday morning and if you guys are up for it, I'd love to see you and your adorable kiddos! Let me know!

  2. holla at corolla!

    hope you guys have a great time. we're serious about wanting to hang out when you get back!

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