2009 was quite the year for us! Let me start this off by confessing that many Christians do a terrible job at being real. They slap on fake smiles and give the impression to everyone around them that their life is just grand 100% of the time. Meanwhile, their friends and neighbors are left wondering if they are the only ones with real problems in this world.

Well, let me just put this out there- 2009 was not a particularly easy year for this here family. Between two part-time jobs and a full-time seminary schedule, Matt and I have seemed to be running in separate directions at all times. Additionally, funds aren’t exactly copious due to the nature of our decision regarding our work. Between us, we experienced crazy morning sickness, a stapled up head, and a casted leg. Loneliness has set in as we set up our home in a town far away from any friends or family, and I have asked a number of times, “Why are we doing this again?”. I’m not trying to whine- I’m just being real with you.

Despite these hardships, though, Matt and I have emerged from this year stronger because we have experience God’s presence over the past twelve months in ways we never had before.

I saw my husband baptized for the second time.

We celebrated new life as Mary Grace entered this world.

God has provided for us time after time, in such unexpected and wild ways that have at times brought tears to my eyes.

We met an awesome, Godly girl my age who has watched Carson when things have come up this year. It’s not easy to find someone you trust with your babies.

We have seen 5th and 6th graders come to Christ in Route 56.

We have marveled at Carson’s growth and sweet spirit.

I have developed wonderful relationships with my coworkers and patients.

God has confirmed our call to missions again and again, and we have taken first steps to obeying that call.

Sure, life isn’t always easy, but God is so faithful. I stand amazed at how He has made beauty from ashes, and I am filled with anticipation at what He has planned for us in 2010.

Happy New Year!!