Today, Matt and I celebrate five years of marriage. Instead of making all of you want to puke with my sappy words of love and endearment for my husband, I thought I would share five of the more interesting facts about how we came to be…

5. We met through mutual friends, Laura and Josh, during our sophomore year of college. Laura brought me to meet Matt in his dorm room when I was at Tech for a weekend visit. Matt was playing Madden. He looked up. I charmed Matt with my William and Mary nerdiness. The rest was history.

4. I attended Matt’s senior prom (with a guy who would turn out to be his college roomie for two years… not awkward at all…) and high school graduation (for my friend Rachel) and lived just minutes away from him in Midlothian. All the while, I had no idea that Matt Allison even existed.

3. On our first Valentine’s Day (and the day we made our relationship “official”), I was given the choice of where I wanted to eat dinner. I chose Wawa. I think that was the moment that sealed the deal for Matt.

2. Matt first said “I love you” in the upstairs hallway of the Kappa house when we were in the middle of a big ‘ol fight. Nice one, babe.

1. Matt set the bar ridiculously high for proposal stories. To make a really long and ridiculously romantic story short, he arranged a surprise one day trip to Honduras to propose to me at an amazing restaurant on a mountaintop overlooking the city of Tegucigalpa. I said yes, and I haven’t regretted it a nanosecond.

Happy anniversary, baby! I love you!!

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  1. you forgot the part where matt had to get through ME first to get to you. and there is no guy on earth that could be a better husband to you and father to your kids! (hey matt, is that enough mother-in-law sucking up for you, like enough for you to bring my babies up here soon…?)

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